Grand Canyon By Nature Film

gcbn_banner_01alt2The Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is the life blood of the Western United States, both spiritually and literally.

Grand Canyon By Nature: River of Life shows the story of the Grand in stunning visual artistry as we join a journey through the heart of one of the planet’s greatest wonders. It’s a journey of adventure — and a metaphor of our journey of life.

Grand Canyon By Nature: River of Life features stunning original film footage, shot in High Definition with state of the art digital equipment, combined with the innovative Fulldome Theatrical Presentation — offering viewers immersion in 360º surround high definition panoramas.

Borrowing from the classic 1982 film, “Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance”, the presentation creates a visual tone poem of the river’s flow, form and energy – mirroring our flow through time and relationships.

Grand Canyon By Nature: River of Life is a collaboration between professional fine art photographer and filmmaker, Vance Howard, and visual effects artists Eric Hanson and Greg Downing of xRez Studio. Post-production work is currently progressing as sponsorship and delivery strategies develop.


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