Time-Lapse Photography

tl_banner_02A revolution is currently underway in digital photography with time-lapse capture. Showcased in earlier films such as Koyannisquatsi and Baraka by DP Ron Fricke, filmmakers had to previously rely on cumbersome large-format film-based techniques, where film cameras were advanced incrementally. The advent of high-performance digital cameras armed with intervalometers has changed the field entirely, with greater than IMAX resolution possible from a single high performance SLR camera. An efficient way to quickly wear out a camera shutter perhaps, but the ability to shoot high resolution cinematic sequences with a minimum of weight and gear is remarkable versus older methods.

By further integrating the sequences with 3D rendering, novel and impossible camera moves can be made into the image, allowing large spatial dolly moves. Also, by utilizing the same automated pano head used for gigapixel work, one can pan and tilt the camera throughout it’s capture, imparting motion into the sequence.

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