G2 Gallery Exhibition- Nature LA: xRez Studio


We are pleased to announce we are showing select gigapixel prints at the G2 Gallery in Venice CA as the current Nature LA exhibit, running from April 19, 2011 through June 19. We hosted a reception on Friday May 6, and a talk on our work on Friday May 13 entitled “Technology in Service of Conservation”.


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G2 just posted a podcast interview with us, check it out http://www.theg2gallery.com/artists/xrez_studio/index.html

Here is the press release:

Venice, CA, March 22, 2010—On Tuesday, April 26, 2011, The G2 Gallery will present Nature LA: xRez Studio, an exhibition of large scale, high definition, panoramic landscapes. xRez Studios is a Santa Monica based collaboration between photographer Greg Downing and visual effects designer Eric Hanson. An opening reception for Nature LA: xRez Studio will be held on Friday, May 6, from 6:30–9:00. The G2 Gallery will donate 100% of the proceeds from photography sales to environmental causes.

xRez Studio are pioneers in the field of extreme resolution gigapixel photography. Panoramic digital photography has long relied on creating panoramic images by stitching relatively few multiple images together. xRez has tapped into recent advances in software, hardware, and digital camera capabilities to create panoramas with resolutions into the range of several gigapixels per single image, thousands of times greater than a standard 10 megapixel still image. The resulting gigapixel image is one that contains a tremendous range of detail, allowing unsurpassed viewing and exploration.

For their exhibition at The G2 Gallery, xRez will present three giclée panoramas ranging in length from 9 feet to 27 feet. The centerpiece of the exhibit is Orthographic Yosemite Valley, part of a 2008 project to establish a baseline image of the Yosemite Valley’s granite walls, where rock falls are a frequent but difficult occurrence to document. By shooting 10,000 images concurrently over sixteen miles of valley walls, 20 separate photographic teams led by xRez created an unprecedented documentation of the valley wall, now used in before and after comparisons to track rock falls and prevent human injury. The massive panorama will be hung in such a way that the viewer is forced to move along the length of the image, and come in close to observe the minute detail captured by the gigapixel technology.

Nature LA is The G2 Gallery’s ongoing series of fine art photography that expresses themes dealing with our environment and identifies the emerging trends in the cutting edge of a new and visually alluring form of nature photography. The series is curated by G2 Gallery director Jolene Hanson.

LOCATION: The G2 Gallery (www.theg2gallery.com)

1503 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291-3742
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