PMA 2009 Print

pma_banner_v03One highly compelling method to reveal the vast level of detail contained in a gigapixel image is to print it in a large format over a very long length. xRez Studio displayed a 40 foot x 5 foot at 300 dpi gigapixel print of Yosemite Valley, dubbed the “AIE Mega-Print” at the Photo Marketing Association 09 conference in Las Vegas. Continue reading “PMA 2009 Print”

San Joaquin River Gorge Visitor Center Print

sj_banner_02Just a short drive from the southern entrance route to Yosemite National Park, is a remarkable but less-visited deep-carved river gorge in the Sierra Nevada foothills. In spring of 2008, xRez Studio was contracted by BLM park manager Tracy Rowlands to shoot the beautiful San Joaquin River Gorge in gigapixel resolution for the Bureau of Land Management’s visitor center, where a 14′ long high-resolution print was subsequently installed in a new visitor center later that summer. Continue reading “San Joaquin River Gorge Visitor Center Print”