Multi-Touch & Kinect to Navigate Gigapixel Images


We at xRez have always had a keen interest in the latest implentations of NUI’s (Natural User Interfaces). Here are a few video examples of xRez imagery being explored with a Gesture Based Interface with the Kinect as part of “Open Exhibits” and a large Multitouch screen at CES.

Kinect Gigapixel Navigation

Above you will see the one of our Yosemite Images being explored using the MT-Kinect module, a part of the Open Exhibits made by the good folks at Ideum, you can find out more info in their excellent blog post about the project. Open Exhibits is a gesture multitouch and multiuser interactive exhibit design platform that is free for students muesums and educational organizations. If your interest is commercial you can license Gesture Works or try it for free to create these interactions.

Multi-touch Navigation

We also recently licensed the same image for use at CES 2011 for a large touch display. You can see it in action below.