New Mexico Workshop

nm_banner02xRez recently returned from leading a photo workshop in Santa Fe and Albuquerque for the IAIA, the Institute of American Indian Arts, and the UNM Arts Lab, teaching our techniques for integrating panoramic images into fulldome projection. The IAIA has recently constructed an amazing operable dome for their students, and the UNM Arts Lab has a long history of leading fulldome culture and research. A day at Pecos National Historic Park allowed on-site capture of pueblo ruins and kivas, then two days of classroom instruction in PTGui, Maya, and photogrammetry techniques at UNM rounded the session. Afterward, a visit was made to several locations in New Mexico, including Valley of Fires, Bosque del Apache, Three Rivers Petroglyphs, Sunspot Solar Observatory, and White Sands NM. Thanks go out to David Beining, Ethan Bach, Carlos Peinado, Bill Hanson, Richard Jost, Cody Harrington, and Greg & Angie Schaaf for the warm hospitality.

IAIA Dome:


Pecos NHP Kiva:
[pano file=”pano2/sph1107NM_p01p/sph1107NM_p01p.html”]

Sunspot Observatory Exterior (infrared):
[pano file=”pano2/sph1107NM_p05/sph1107NM_p05.html”]

Sunspot Observatory Interior:
[pano file=”pano2/sph1107NM_p03/sph1107NM_p03.html”]

Sacramento Mountain Hideout:
[pano file=”pano2/par1107NM_p04/par1107NM_p04.html”]

Standard Issue New Mexico Sunset:
[pano file=”pano2/par1107NM_p10/par1107NM_p10.html”]

Time-lapse Work: