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In June of 2015, xRez set out to shoot alignments of the summer solstice occurring with known Anasazi ruins in conjunction with researchers from the University of Colorado in Boulder.




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TIME 2014/ Pull of the Moon is an experimental immersive film based on the 2014 collaboration of renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and Navajo artist Bert Benally’s ephemeral land art performance in rural New Mexico in June 2014.



In winter of 2011, xRez partner Eric Hanson spoke at the Hiroshima Peace Museum at a conference on utilizing digital media toward peace education.


shamans_banner04In June of 2010 xRez Studio set out to document one of the oldest rock art panels in North America, known as Shaman’s Panel.



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In November of 2008 xRez Studio was asked to join Insight Digital on an expedition to Egypt to help create a documentary for the French Channel 3 Television show “Le secret des Pharaons bâtisseurs” on “Des Racines & Des Ailes” directed by Frédéric Wilner. Now there is an American version of this film on the National Geographic Channel called “Sunken Treasures of the Nile” The show will be airing August 3rd 2010 at 1PM, and November 8th 2010 at 4pm.