Crossing Worlds Fulldome Film

cw_banner_03A visual tone poem designed for the emerging fulldome planetarium format, “Crossing Worlds” utilizes spherical photography from the American desert west to immerse the viewer in a transcendent spectrum of austere landscapes. xRez Studio’s first dome format film, “Crossing Worlds” won a coveted “Domie” for Best Design in a Dome at DomeFest 09 in Albuquerque, NM. The beautiful soundtrack was provided by Marconi Union in the UK, and Paul Buehler at the Glendale College Dome provided key assistance in production. Recently, it was shown at The Elumenati GeoDome theatre with at the COP15 Global Climate Summit in Copenhagen in 2009.

“Throughout COP15 and the KlimaForum, Crossing Worlds served to remind audiences of how extraordinary our home planet is. It was the perfect complement to the data-driven visualizations of global changes, deepening appreciation for the critical importance of the natural world for sustaining us emotionally as well as physically” said David McConville, co-founder of The Elumenati.

If you represent a fulldome theater and are interested in licensing this movie for your venue please feel free to contact us.

You can see the dome master on our Vimeo page, or to get a better sense of the fulldome experience, you may view it in spherical interactive flash below:

Click and Drag to Pan