Digital Storytelling

digst_banner_02Conceptualized over a spirited conversation at a campfire in the High Sierras, Digital Storytelling has evolved to be one of Scandinavia’s leading visual effects annual seminars, co-founded by xRez Studio’s Eric Hanson and Kim Baumann-Larsen of Oslo-based Placebo Effects.  Managed by co-founder Angela Amoroso of the Norwegian Film Institute and held at Filmen Hus in Oslo, Norway, the seminar has grown from a one day gathering into a multiple day day conclave where Norwegian film and design professionals meet with colleagues from around the world to discuss how visual effects and CGI can be used to produce better and more original films. Keynote speakers have included leading production designer Alex McDowell and Oscar-winning VFX Supervisors Rob Legato and Mike Fink. Supplimentary workshops have been offered, several taught by Greg Downing and Eric Hanson of xRez Studio on visual effects and panoramic techniques. The visual identity for the seminar series is created by Oslo graphic designer and illustrator Marius Renberg.

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