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BlackboxFX is a sister company of xRez, acting as a collaboration with ace 3D artist Ethan Summers. BlackboxFX’s mission is to employ highend creative visual effects talent toward socially meaningful projects, both in the entertainment, scientific, and environmental action sectors.


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prt_banner_02One highly compelling method to reveal the vast level of detail contained in a gigapixel image is to print it in large format over a very long length. Based on our 2008 Yosemite Extreme Panoramic Imaging Project, xRez Studio printed a continuous 40 foot x 5 foot print at 300 dpi for exhibition at Siggraph 2008.


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pgram_banner_02xRez principal Greg Downing has been at the forefront of photogrammetry technique for some time, having worked on the seminal ImageModeler while at RealViz. Later consulting and working with major effects studios, Greg has applied photogrammetry in several major feature films, including “Spiderman 3″, and “I Am Legend”.


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ptm_banner_02One problem surrounding the needs of cultural heritage research is the acquisition of static on-site photography, which may limit perceived detail in the artifacts later upon inspection. One method which allows re-lighting of artifacts post-shooting is HP Labs researcher Tom Malzbender’s work in polynomial texture mapping, or PTM.


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mspec_banner_02xRez Studio has long utilized infrared capture of gigapixel panoramic scenes, using modified digital camera backs. Used primarily for aesthetic reasons, IR can also be used in service of cultural heritage documentation work, helping reveal hidded details. Similarly, color matrix de-correlation software such as Jon Harman’s excellent Dstretch has been employed by xRez Studio to help analyze Native American rock art on the Colorado Plateau.