Ars Electronica 2009 Installation

ars_banner02Ars Electronica, the world’s pre-eminent art and technology organization and festival in Linz Austria, recently completed construction of a new and remarkable dedicated building. In 2009, xRez Studio was asked to provide imagery for the January 2009 grand opening of the new Ars Electronica Center building, with our work to be featured within the central immersive Deep Space installation. The space is projected with 8 stitched stereo Barco 2k projectors, resulting in an amazing amount of detail at 4k x 4k. The audience sits on the floor that is also a projection surface or they can view the work from a balcony. Running for a 5 year duration, our work is shown daily as one of 5 featured artists providing content for the high resolution Deep Space projection area. In the first year of the installation 305,000 visitors saw our images in Deep Space. We also spoke and showed work at the Ars Electronica Festival/Human Nature 2009 as a session on Deep Space- Behind The Scenes. We were honored to be featured alongside such remarkable work of fellow digital artists.



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LINK to Ars Electronica Deep Space Site

LINK to Ars Electronica Vimeo Page




Tierra Website

tierra_banner_2In 2007 Tierra, a top Swedish outdoor clothing manufacturer, made the decision to create a new website that would vividly reflect the companies connection to the outdoors. Tierra understood the value of deeply engaging their customers. They were looking for a way to go a step beyond the status quo of outdoor product photography.

Tierra enlisted the marketing and interactivity expertise of the award-winning Swedish advertising agency Goss. Goss proposed an innovative design that would both engage the customer in a beautiful and “sticky” website to impart Tierra’s unique brand. Echoing Tierra’s relationship to the outdoors, Goss proposed embedding the product photography and catalog into various regions of a large gigapixel landscape. This interface provokes exploration of the landscape, much as their core market will do in the real world with their products: running, hiking and climbing over the landscape in Tierra outdoor gear.

Goss turned to xRez Studio for its imagery, choosing from our large catalog of gigapixel landscape photography to find the image that would perfectly convey it’s client’s message.

LINK to Tierra Site





Intech Corporate Art Print & Renderings

intech_banner_02Gigapixel images can provide stunningly high resolution large format prints, and are a perfect solution for corporate or hospitality-based corporate art installations. In 2008, xRez Studio was contracted to provide a large 12′ long gigapixel print for the main boardroom of the new headquarters of Intech Investment Management LLC in West Palm Beach, Florida. Continue reading “Intech Corporate Art Print & Renderings”