Ekstremfoto: Gigapixel Images in Print

Digital Storytelling (co-founded by xRez Studio Pricipal Eric Hanson), is an annual seminar on visual effects and story in Oslo, Norway for the last 4 years. In 2009, we staged the first gigapixel photography exhibition adjacent to the event, in the wonderful Filmens Hus complex of the Norwegian Film Institute. Entitled Ekstremfoto: Gigapixel Images in Print, the show contained work from xRez Studio, Kim Baumann-Larsen, and Kai Solberg of both Norwegian and American landscapes. xRez Studio also held a concurrent workshop entitled, “Live-Action Integration” for the local Scandanavian visual effects community. An historic Stave church in the Oslo Norsk Folkemuseum was documented with a variety of techniques, including gigapixel and infrared imaging, HDR acquisition, photo-cloud documentation, polynominal texture mapping or surface carvings, and basic survey for post-production.

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