xRez Interview video on CGchannel.com

Our friends at CGchannel.com have just posted an interview video with us illustrating some recent work, namely the Yosemite Extreme Panoramic Imaging Project, Native American rock art PTM capture, and spherical animation done for the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park. Thanks guys!

Sparse/Dense Photogrammetry

xRez principal Greg Downing has been at the forefront of photogrammetry technique for some time, having worked on the seminal ImageModeler while at RealViz. Later consulting and working with major effects studios, Greg has applied photogrammetry in several major feature films, including “Spiderman 3”, and “I Am Legend”.

Digital Terrain Rendering

One innovative technique developed at xRez Studio is the integration of digital elevation models (DEM) with high-end 3d rendering and gigapixel images. Another innovation we have developed is to integrate time lapse sequences with DEM data, allowing new, inventive cinematography where a virtual camera can dolly deeply into the image while lapsing in time.

6Sight Print

One highly compelling method to reveal the vast level of detail contained in a gigapixel image is to print it in a large format over a very long length. xRez Studio displayed a 28 foot x 4 foot gigapixel print at 300 dpi of Yosemite Valley, at the 6Sight 2008 Future of Imaging conference in …